Plasma Soft Surgery

“Sue was brilliant. She kept me at ease & made me feel comfortable throughout the surgery. Communication has been very good before, during & after. I would definitely come back again or recommend to anyone thinking of using this clinic.”

At Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Rayleigh, Essex we do not embark on new technology until there is a wealth of clinical evidence to show that treatment is safe and the results are clinically proven. This is why we are delighted to offer plasma surgery to help dramatically reduce hooded eyelids and bags under the eyes.

If you would like to discuss how Plasma Soft Surgery could help rejuvenate around your eyes, then contact us today.

Plasma Soft Surgery at Elan Medical Skin Clinics

Plasma treatment is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that is ideal for treating a wide range of skin concerns, including:

  • Eyelid rejuvenation - improving baggy lower and upper eyelids, and treating fine lines.
  • Treating a variety of skin imperfections, including warts, xanthomas, syringiomas, skin tags and fibromas.
  • Removal of semi-permanent make-up and some tattoos.
  • Face, brow and neck lifts.
  • Smoothing smokers’ lines around the mouth.
  • Reducing the appearance of scarring, including post-surgery scars and stretch marks.

Impressive results for eyelid rejuvenation

The visible results are similar to those seen with eyelid surgery but without the need for a single cut or stitch. And unlike traditional blepharoplasty surgery, recovery time is usually between 2-4 weeks. Plasma Soft Surgery at Elan Medical Skin Clinic is performed under an anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection to ensure our clients’ comfort.

Clinical expertise

Our clinical director, Sue Ibrahim has worked in cosmetic dermatology for almost 20 years and her experience in minor skin surgery and laser treatments is second to none. Sue is a firm believer in a combined, holistic approach. In order to get the most out of any treatment we aim to get your skin in tiptop condition first. Your treatment is then the icing on the cake and your recovery time is quicker.

How does plasma surgery work?

An extremely accurate instrument ionises gas particles in the air between its tip and the skin to form plasma. This causes a small electrical arc that contracts, tightens and shortens the skin fibres, therefore improving the appearance of baggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines and scars. This technology can also be used to treat fat deposits under the skin (Xanthomas), skin tags and syringiomas.

Who is suitable for Plasma Soft Surgery?

If you are in generally good health, and are not pregnant or breast-feeding, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider plasma surgery.

What happens next?

You will require a thorough Consultation to assess your viability for plasma surgery at Elan Medical Skin Clinic. We will advise you of the potential outcomes, including the side effects and all known risks. Most consultations last between 30 to 45 minutes and you will leave feeling fully informed. If your skin is in a poor condition, we will recommend delaying treatment until we are able to improve it. This will ensure you get the very best out of your treatment.

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How do I request a consultation?

You can either give Elan Medical Skin Clinic a call on 01268 770660 or fill in the form below and we will get back to you

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The following prices are for guidance only. You will be given an exact quote at your consultation.

All treatments are carried out by Sue Ibrahim

Treatment list Prices
Plasma Soft Surgery for skin tags From £150 per session
Plasma Soft Surgery for other skin lesions From £200
Plasma Soft Surgery for Eye Rejuvenation From £600